have been supplying products to the general industrial market for over 30 years. Experts in colour, textured and special effect coatings, as well as corrosion protection and specialist paint systems.

Interpon Powder Coatings

Find a Service First Associate

Service First is a network of quality coaters promoted by AkzoNobel. We aim to put you in touch with Service First Associated trade coaters that we recommend for the application of Interpon and Cromadex products.

Interpon Powder Coatings

Powder Coatings, the sustainable way of coloring

Powder coatings are solvent-free paints applied to metal and other conductive surfaces. Our powder coatings yield less waste compared to liquid coatings.

Interpon Powder Coatings

Cromadex General Industrial Wet Paint Systems

We can provide you a coating system for everything from metal furniture to window frames, radiators, pipes and car parts. Providing the protection you require.



AkzoNobel and KidsRights support four educational projects as part of the International Children's Peace Prize

In 2013 the International Children's Peace Prize was awarded to the 16-year-old Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai. She won the prize for standing up for girls rights to an education worldwide. The prize is accompanied by an award of EUR 100,000. This money is provided through AkzoNobel’s Peace Fund and is for projects that are closely connected to the Children's Peace Prize winner’s area of dedication. he four projects that the AkzoNobel Peace Fund and KidsRights will consequently be supporting, are initiatives to foster education in four different parts of Pakistan - Khpal Kor Foundation, Roots for Equity/Sojhla for social change, the Primary Education Project, and Children First. read more ›


Collection Futura 2014 - 2017 Launched

Featuring 55 special effects, the new Interpon D2525 Collection Futura range is based on Interpon D2000 technology, which delivers long term performance, superior gloss retention, maximum film integrity and resistance to color change. The result is a long life high durability surface that retains its appearance and requires minimal maintenance for many years to come. read more ›

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