Primer Focus: APP 120

Interpon’s APP 120 is an epoxy-polyester primer which slows down the rate of reaction with the water/oxygen mix, neutralising the acid ions caused by humidity.

APP 120 makes it possible to delay the infiltration of corrosion underneath the coating, using corrosion-inhibiting pigments which have the capacity for passivating the steel substrate.

Key characteristics and advantages include;

• Excellent edge coverage after surface pre-treatment with a suitable level of preparation,

• Can be used as a holding primer

• Good anti-corrosion performance especially where passivation is used as a pre-treatment,

• Can be coated with Cromadex liquid paints 1K or 2K PU types, as an alternative to Interpon powder coatings

 Main areas of use

• Components with machined edges produced by stamping, shearing, sawing or drilling, or by thermal cutting. The expected levels of protection can be achieved only by careful compliance to levels of preparation P1/P2/P3 according to ISO 8501-3,

• Agriculture equipment,

• Metal frameworks,

• Steel artworks (please consult us),

• Guard-rails,

• Public lighting systems,

• Shutters.