Anti Graffiti

Graffiti is a problem that has strongly established itself throughout the world, particularly in inner city areas where it is extensively inflicted upon transport vehicles and buildings. Graffiti can be in the form of a simple ’tag’ or large multi-coloured ‘murals’, using materials such as spray paints, permanent markers and dyes.

Graffiti is a form of vandalism damaging property which can be very costly to remove.

Cromadex has developed a two pack coating system, designed to overcome this increasing problem of graffiti. The system consists of a two pack anti-graffiti clearcoat plus a special Graffiti Remover, enabling unwanted graffiti to be easily removed.

The System.

The Cromadex two-pack system consists of an anti-graffiti clearcoat (base + catalyst), plus a special Graffiti Remover*. This system:

  • is resistant to many different kinds of marker pens and aerosols
  • meets London Underground anti-graffiti requirements
  • is compatible with Cromadex 600 two pack polyurethane topcoat
  • provides an exceptionally hard, high gloss finish
  • has an easy to remember mix ratio
  •  is part of the Cromadex Extra Life system

The Graffiti Remover comes in an easy-to-spray bottle.

The system has been tested by the London Underground, to can find more information on this here.

* Cromadex Graffiti Remover must only be used on surfaces coated with Cromadex Anti-Graffiti Clearcoat