Wet Paint

Why Use Paint?

To Decorate…
…we live in a world of colour and paint contributes more than any other medium.

To Protect…
…Items we invest in need protection from the elements. These elements can take the form of moisture, sunlight, chemicals, knocks and bangs. Paint is easy to apply and provides protection against these elements.

To Identify…
…the colours that we use to decorate give us identity. All businesses throughout the world use imagery and colour to differentiate themselves. Paint is a common way of achieving this.

To Maintain…
…applying paint is easy and inexpensive. It is also easy to maintain. Colour changes can be produced and minor damage can be touched up quickly and easily.

General Industrial Wet Paint

  • Wet paint solutions for all applications
  • A wide range of primers, topcoats and one coat finishes including one-pack, two pack and isocyanate free
  • Special finishes and textures including sparkle and metallic
  • Lead free
  • Wheel refurbishment offer

See our product list to select the best system for you.

International® Protective Coatings

If you are looking for extra protection for your product, then Cromadex has the answer. We supply the market leading International® Protective Coatings, known throughout the world for its expertise in corrosion protection.

The full extensive range of products and services from International® Protective Coatings is available through Cromadex, including:

  • High performance coatings for corrosion protection and severe environments
  • High build epoxies
  • High build polyurethanes
  • Surface tolerant products

For product data sheets and health and safety material, visit International® Protective Coatings.