Wheel Refurbishment

AkzoNobel is the leading supplier of coatings to the European OEM alloy wheel industry, providing powder and liquid coating solutions for the major wheel and car manufacturers.

Based on this expertise, Cromadex now offers a complete range of products for the refurbishment of automotive wheels. The systems bring together products with proven track record offering both enhanced aesthetic appearance and protection in the most demanding conditions.

  • Specifically developed powder primers offering excellent protection against filliform corrosion.
  • A comprehensive range of metallic and colour finishes in both liquid and powder available from stock.
  • “Water-clear” powder and liquid clearcoats for added protection.

System Guide

System One Coat* Two Coat Three Coat Three Coat
Primer Powder Powder Powder
Colour Powder Liquid Liquid
Clearcoat Powder Powder Liquid
* Not recommended

Product Guide

Primers (Powder)*
Type Benefits
High Flow Gives a smooth high gloss finish
High Build Helps to hide substrate imperfections
Low Cure Reduce process times
Colour (Powder & Liquid)
Type Benefits
Powder – Polyester / Polyurethane Can be used as a primer or primer finish
Powder – Epoxy Polyester Brigh metallic finishes, lower cure systems
Liquid – One Pack Solvent Based Bright metallic finishes
Liquid – One Pack Water Based Bright metallic finishes, reduced emissions,
lower environmental impact
Clearcoat (Powder & Liquid)**
Type Benefits
Powder Creates durable finishes
Liquid – One Pack Solvent Based Enhances the clarity of the colour coat
* anti-gassing    ** “water-clear’