IKEA furniture gets the soft touch 

The technology in question was initially developed for use on laptop covers. Customers were looking for eco-efficient solutions that offered new textures, effects and patterns. So a soft touch topcoat was developed which met all the demanding specifications.

However, one of Powder Coatings’ furniture sector managers thought the new range might be of interest to IKEA and it was the perfect fit. IKEA now produce 1.5 million flower pots in Vietnam and Germany, all coated with our soft touch powder technology. The flower pots, named Papaya and Kardemumma in the Ikea range, bring a bright, tactile yet protective look and feel to the collection.

Not only is it far more eco-efficient in terms of energy consumption when compared with traditional glaze, but the overall cost is lower as well. The product also fits in with IKEA’s drive to encourage suppliers to use more sustainable materials and processes.