Kanyon, Istanbul

The Kanyon has taken the well-worn urban planning concept of creating ‘living and working’ communities and breathed new life into it.  Rather than design a standard mixed-use project of residential, office and retail units, the Kanyon’s architects have created a ‘destination’ neighbourhood in downtown istanbul.

The spaces between the buildings themselves.  The result is a real sense of openness, fluidity and movement created by the plentiful use of strong and sensuous curves, swirling spaces, bold arched forms, courtyards and gardens, and layers of open terraced walkways.

The crescent-shaped apartment block – each apartment has a balcony or garden – rises in tiers above the retail centre, allowing residents both privacy and a feeling of being at the heart of the action.  The gently curved, glass-sheathed office tower is designed to allow in maximum light and is closely linked to bars, cafes and a fitness club; a true fusion of work and play.  The shopping area, arranged as four ‘streets’ on four levels, is as much inside as outside.

Type of building: Mixed Use

Architect: Jerde Partnership International Inc. together with Tabanlio_lu Mimarlik

Brand: Interpon D2000