Leibherr Mining Equipment Co.

Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. of Newport News, Virginia, USA produces large dumper trucks for the mining industry. The worldwide mining industry uses large loading and transport vehicles and machines from Liebherr for open-cast mining and the extraction of raw materials. These giants move enormous amounts of material under the most arduous conditions making a high level of reliability a necessity.

Innovative solutions, mature technical design and components, and sustainability affect every decision.  Environmental concerns were a key influencer in their decision to convert from liquid to powder coating solutions for their hugely successful products.  Interpon ACE offers the perfect sustainable coatings option to the agricultural and construction equipment market, with a proven track record and SMaRT certification.

Interpon ACE 500 coatings offer the necessary UV stability while providing exceptional protective qualities. These powder coatings, consisting of 100% solids, are organic compounds which meet EPA standards. The need for costly air pollution control equipment is eliminated since no solvents are released into the atmosphere. Waste is negligible – powder overspray can be reclaimed for subsequent use.

Items coated

Ancillary parts to dump trucks such as ladders, platforms, cabs, hand rails, and motor brackets.


Interpon ACE 500  JA05AQF
Interpon ACE 500  JL16BQF
Interpon ACE 500  JL245QF
Interpon ACE 500  KE021QF


Liebherr White
Palm Grey
Dark Grey
Liebherr Yellow